The Newfoundland Club
The Newfoundland Club

This is the original Newfoundland Club which was founded in the UK in 1886 to establish the standard and type for the breed now acknowledged by Newfoundland Clubs throughout the world.
Judges Health Monitoring Summary for 2015 from the Kennel Club

The Kennel Club have sent us the annual Judges Health Monitoring Summary for 2015 and encouraged us to share this with Breed Club members and exhibitors.

They went on to say:
The Breed Standards and Conformation Sub-Group of the Dog Health Group noted that over 70 dogs were reported as having loose eyelids. The group is concerned by these reports and would invite any comments in regard to addressing this issue.

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Working Test Regulations

The latest release of Water Test Regulations, agreed by all three clubs and implemented from 1st June 2011 are available for download. Please right-click here and select "Save Target As..." to save it to your computer.

The latest release of Draught Test Regulations, agreed by both The Newfoundland Club and the Southern Newfoundland Club and implemented from 1st November 2011 is now available for download. Please download the document by right-clicking here and selecting "Save As.." to save it to your computer.

We hope you will find this site of interest and help to you. The committee and officers of the club work hard and try their best to provide a useful and enjoyable club.


Schedule and entry forms are available as an Adobe PDF file to download (right-click on the link and select Save Target As...) for the following club event(s):

Show Winner
August 2015 Championship Show B.I.S.: Cutts & Galvin. Mr G & Mr P, Kenamu Break The Mould Merrybear

Club Breed Open Show
at The Kennel Club Building, Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire CV8 2LZ on Saturday 6th August 2016. Show opens at 9am with judging starting at 10am. Entries have closed

For the first time The Newfoundland Club will be holding a show at the same time and venue as the Northern Newfoundland Club.

The two shows will run alongside each other with staggered judging and different order of judging to enable exhibitors to enter both shows. At the end of the day specials will be judged with a Grand Best in Show being judged between the winners of each show.

Entry fees have been lowered and we hope Exhibitors will support both clubs by entering both shows.

Special Kennel Club Notice

We have received the following from the Kennel Club:

The Kennel Club is pleased to announce the launch of its new online learning resource, the Kennel Club Academy, home to accessible education to support those involved in the world of dogs.

The Kennel Club Academy can be viewed here: Breeder Education is available to all dog breeders at any level of experience for free, to access the films and resources please create an account here:

At present eight learning resources are available on the Breeder Education area of the Kennel Club Academy, with further films and resources to be added during 2016 & 2017. The first learning resources cover topics to be considered before breeding. I would encourage you to both take a look at the films and resources available and further to please share information on the Kennel Club Academy to any friends or those you feel would be interested.

A full list of resources currently available can be viewed below:
  • Dog Breeding – Is it right for me? – Presented by Aimee Llewellyn-Zaidi & Dr Nick Blayney
  • Dog Breeding – Where to start – Presented by Aimee Llewellyn-Zaidi and Frank Kane
  • Getting started with Genes and Inheritance – Presented by Aimee Llewellyn-Zaidi
  • Getting started with DNA Testing – Presented by Dr Cathryn Mellersh
  • Getting started with Simple and Complex Inherited Disorders – Presented by Aimee Llewellyn-Zaidi
  • How to use Mate Select – Presented by Aimee Llewellyn-Zaidi
  • Getting started with Inbreeding and Selection – Presented by Dr Tom Lewis
  • Getting started with Estimated Breeding Values – Presented by Dr Tom Lewis


Committee Appeal

Over the years The Newfoundland Club has had many lovely trophies that have been kindly donated to the club.

Unfortunately with many changes to Trophy Stewards many of these over time have not been returned.

The committee would ask for everyone to share this with members current and old that we are doing a Trophy amnesty and ask for people to check their cupboards to see if they have any Trophies that might belong to the Club.

Please, could these be returned to any committee member at any show or event, no questions will be asked.

It would be lovely if we could find all the missing and unaccounted for trophies.

Thank you from the committee.

Special Offer

Front Cover

The Newfoundland Club Book.
An ideal book for all Newfoundland owners.

A book all breeders should give to new puppy owners as part of their puppy packs. To encourage breeders to do this the club would like to offer discounted prices. 1-3 Books £15 per book plus postage. 4 or more books £10 per book plus postage or free collection at a show or Club event.

Please contact the Secretary if you would like to purchase and support the club. E-Mail:  or click here to go to the purchase page.


Welfare are always looking for new homes suitable for dogs taken into our care. If you need to rehome your Newfoundland or would like to give a forever home to a Newfoundland, please contact Sue Hislop on 01669 650320.

Kennel Club is warning people that they risk cooking their dogs alive if they leave them unattended in a car. This applies even more importantly to Newfies.

To promote the seriousness of the issue the Kennel Club has produced a three minute video called ‘Don’t Cook your Dog’, which is supported by Dogs Today magazine’s Don’t Cook Your Dog campaign. The video is available through YouTube, or click on it video below. It demonstrates how easily dogs can suffer from brain damage, organ failure and death, if left in a hot car.

The Kennel Club has issued the following advice regarding travelling with your dog during warm weather.

Consider the weather and your journey in advance, especially if you don’t have air conditioning in your car. Think about whether the journey is absolutely necessary for your dog. Leave a dog unattended in a car, even with the window open and water available. Take them out of the car and leave them in a secure, cool place with access to shade and water or take them with you, there are plenty of places that are part of the Kennel Club’s Open for Dogs scheme and will allow dogs in.
Plan your journey. Check out the Kennel Club’s Open for Dogs site and use the Dog Friendly app to find places that will allow dogs in with you. Let your dog take part in unnecessary exertion in hot weather, or stand in exposed sunlight for extended lengths of time.
Make sure your dog has plenty of space in the car and isn’t squashed or forced to sit in direct sunlight. Pass by a dog if you see one suffering in a car. Whether it be in a supermarket car park or at a show, make sure you let someone in authority know and if in doubt call the police or the RSPCA on 0300 1234 999.
Make sure plenty of stops are taken with lots of water available to drink.  
Take cold water in a thermos rather than a plastic bottle so it stays cold rather than being lukewarm. Ice cubes are helpful in a thermos for cooling too.

To help avoid the need to leave dogs unattended in cars, the Kennel Club ‘Open for Dogs’ campaign encourages more businesses and services to welcome dogs. Thousands of dog-friendly attractions are listed on the website, making it the ideal way to plan for trips for the whole family including your dog.